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We have sucessfully negotiated MULTIPLE/NON-EXCLUSIVE  Music Licensing deals for many of  the Independent Artists we represent.

(Prices start at $285)

Allow Us to Submit* Your Music to 
a Number of Licensing Houses For NON-EXCLUSIVE Licensing Deals

Other than Rock 'n Retail's very reasonable fee, you won't pay a thing and you stand to make a portion of the licensing revenue between 13% and 50%

Licensing revenues vary depending on the type of use. Two seconds used in the background of a TV show will earn much less than music placed in a national advertisement, etc. Placements range from $10 to $30,000 per use, and everything in between.

We have a database of over 500 licensing houses.  We submit your music based on the best match to the criteria of music they are seeking to license.

Submission Costs:

Our submission services include up to 3 months of follow up from the date of submission and/or notification of acceptance/finalized submission; whichever comes first.  If the Licensing house has still not made a decision on acceptance, we will turn over all log-in information and/or contact information to you, so you may continue to follow up on your own.

The cost for us to handle your submissions are $250 for submitting the same 2 tracks to two licensing houses.  Additional tracks are $125 for each track submitted to each licensing house.

When/if accepted, we execute the final arrangements for $100 per licensing house (regardless of their size).

*Submissions do not guarantee acceptance by the Licensing house(s)
Note:  should any house require a physical copy of song(s)  in a specific format, the cost for duplication is not included in our servicing fee.

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If you have ordered a Licensing Campaign,
Please print and fill out the form below (1 form for each track)
and return to Rock 'n Retail via email

Licensing Questionnaire

You will also need to send us hard CD's that contain the tracks we are submitting (all tracks being submitted go on 1 CD).  Based on the number of submissions you have ordered from us, send us that many CD's + one additional copy. 
Our mailing address is on the questionnaire.